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“Good results are no coincidence; they’re the product of good planning. The same applies to the Builder Bonus. Its success, however, requires the cooperation of responsible entrepreneurs who believe in the business, who use and promote the product and who cultivate trust between their team and their customers”.

Pietro Vicari
Leader, Italy




“The Builder Bonus is the fastest way to grow, because by sponsoring new partners every month, we can identify those with whom we’ll be able to build solid, stable, productive networks in constant growth”.

Luis Alberto Ramírez
Diamond, Spain




“The key is that perseverance and commitment must be a source of inspiration. The Builder Bonus is a strategy that enables my business to grow more quickly”.

Zuleica González
Leader, Spain




“If we want our business to grow, we have to focus on the Builder Bonus”.

Luci Esperança
Diamond, Portugal




“We grow wherever we put our energy! Determination, passion, emotion, desire, faith, focus and, above all, action! These are the ingredients I use to develop my business with the Builder Bonus and live a 4Life life!”.

Florbela Fialho
Leader, Portugal





“Sponsorship is vital in business, it enables you to make connections, consolidate your network and grow, and it enables the new leaders that come into the business to grow”.

Lidia Barragán
Diamond, Spain




"The Bonus Builder is a great opportunity to activate your business enrolling new distributors and reselling products.It also helps reinforce and stabilise your business structure providing you with an extra income."

Sebastian Cordes
Presidential Diamond, Germany





"The first step to success is to sponsor people, so that you have an organisation in continual growth."

Vanessa Cañar

Leader, Italy


"Thanks to the Builder Bonus my team grows, it is replicated, and I find leaders that are ready to go on the journey with me. The result? New ranks for the members of my team and also for me."

Regina Saur

Diamond, Germany


"My new enrolees have seen what I saw in this wonderful opportunity: a chance to maintain their physical and financial well-being and to contribute to society, helping more people to have the same opportunity to develop this business".

Blanca Cecilia Moreno

Presidential Diamond, United Kingdom


"The Builder Bonus is a small step that will keep us motivated to continue taking the necessary action to achieve our goals. It's very gratifying to know that 4Life recognises and rewards our efforts".

Gilda Abreu

Leader, Portugal


"The Builder Bonus is a really intelligent business strategy that enables my business to grow much more quickly".

Marie Sophie Goidts

Diamond, Belgium